Netflix is ​​his new character

Netflix is ​​his new character

After a series of adaptations of adventures Winx (2021) and success Shadow and bone (2021), Enriches Netflix’s list of fantasy content by capturing third successful saga School for good and evil. Film directed by Paul Feek (2022)Spy, Ghostbusters) Is an adaptation of the first novel in a seven-part series by American author Roman Sinani, which has sold 2.5 million copies. To illustrate the characters of this reviewed fairy tale, Netflix did not cut down the ways and provided high-level cast. After playing an immortal mercenary Old guard On stage (2020), Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron plays Lady Lesso, the active Redhead and Evil Ambassador. Kerry Washington (Corruption, Small fire everywhere), Professor Dovey of the School of Good Teen Subtle and Thoughtful. Among the teachers of the school, Lawrence Fishburn (Morpheus in The Matrix) And Michael Yeh (Tigray et Dragon, Star Trek: Discovery).

Like the Disney characters, Brothers Grimm is inspired by heroes and intrigues. School for good and evil Returns to a system similar to the origin of the duality between good and evilHarry Potter. The story takes place in the Endless Woods, an imaginary and magical place located in the School of Good and Evil, where a kind of Manichaean Hogwarts trains his young men to be good angels or big bad guys. Sophie and Agatha, played by Saga’s two heroines, Sophia Anne Caruso and Sofia Wiley, respectively, will test their friendship by discovering their fate within the school. Although Sophie wanted to join the Cinderella and Snow White teams of this world, Agatha had already seen herself as a complex witch, but the opposite was offered to them when they entered the school. If the film is to have such a huge success, the stage does not have to stand still and deal with the entire cast …

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School for good and evil, Directed by Paul Feek, will be available on Netflix in 2022.

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