Descartes is releasing new features and wants to be all-inclusive

Descartes is releasing new features and wants to be all-inclusive

(ETX Studio) – For its 6 years, Discord Software has been exploring new possibilities to expand its community. In its desire for expansion, the American company wants to be more inclusive and more responsive to the new desires of its users.

Disagreement is constantly evolving and diversifying. In its early days, the creators of Discord (Stanislav Vishnevsky and Jason Citron) saw their software as a forum for mutual assistance and video games. Since 2015, a lot of things have changed. With the pace of epidemics, remote voice chat has gained considerable importance in our lifestyles. Summary has become a kind of 2.0 forum, a place to study, have parties, get new interests or offer advice. To continue to nurture and satisfy its growing community, the American company is considering new forms, while remaining true to the “random and unpredictable disagreement” desired in user feedback.

Recently, Descartes introduced “stage channels” that provide a way for large communities to organize parties, audio events or live panels. The US company now offers “Stage Discovery”, which allows you to explore these events without having to enter or exit servers. Quickly check if you are interested and find the voice channel you want.

Paid audio events?

Discord is currently working on a plan to organize a paid event in response to a request from users. In addition to “status discovery”, there will be trials on paid tickets to attend audio events. So it is possible to make money on Discord. Be careful though, for now it is only a private beta and nothing says this feature will last long. Another new possibility is the release of “Threads” which, like Slack, will allow to have a discussion thread, which is very pleasant to read and understandable.

Descart continues its growth and ensures that it no longer targets not only the community of players, but all workers and other enthusiasts of these new communication systems.

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