Ambrosavicius accepted the role of Eurovision commentator: this year the contestants performed their songs differently

Ambrosavicius accepted the role of Eurovision commentator: this year the contestants performed their songs differently

This year P. Ambrosevicius wisely translated the songs of the delegates from Malta, Cyprus, Ukraine and Lithuania into Lithuanian in a post on the social networking site Facebook.

“For starters there is an end. This year Darius Uguridis will definitely not comment on Eurovision, and it is clear that the nineteen year old tradition will come to an end. Raminas Jillnis will do it professionally, I know everything will be alright, but nostalgia is a strong thing. I do not know if you will translate the song and the titles, but if necessary I will re-add this year’s works – only six so far, but if there is a need, there will be many more, let me know!

-Rule – I break- (Malta)

Kids, are you hurting? How are you? You’m like an angel falling from the sky, and, boy, you’re talking to my ego, massaging me with your weird hanging phrases (no hell, what are you going to do?) No hell, I’m not your honey No hell, I really do not want your money I do not understand

-Elena Cochrane – Devil- (Cyprus, Perot)

I fell in love, fell in love I gave my heart to the devil, I gave the devil, I gave because he tells me that today he is his angel, tonight we will burn in the bodies of a party fire Da-taco rolls with corn leaves, which is my mood This sharpness melts my icy corners , Baby, tonight we will burn in the fire of the feast Heaven is hell with you Mom-grandma, tell me what to do

-Maneskin – Quiet and Good- (Italy)

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Sings in Italian

-Parbara Privy – here, please- (France)

Sings in French

-Roop – Discoteca- (Letua)

Well, someone here feels the rhythm and the music flows in my veins slowly closing, slowly illuminating the eyes, I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Nothing to finish here ‘can not be controlled, do not want’, but for me I feel safe to jump alone One (one jump), one jump (one jump) one jump (one jump), one jump (jump) one shock (one jump)

-Co-a – masumas- (Ukraine)

Spring, spring Where did you spend the winter? In kindergarten, sitting on a dress and sewing a shirt the owl blows in the water on the edge of the woods I will sing Let it listen to Shumas, knit with winter, sow, sow, sow greens


There are many contemporary works that have not been translated since the last minute, and they are in a hurry to help:

-Post Office Malan – Circles- (USA)

We couldn’t even get back until we went upstairs, I’m going to be bad now, but no, I’m so proud, I couldn’t be there. I tried but you do not believe we always do it Seasons change, our love cools down

-Automatic Road – Title Job- (United States)

I sold some tickets Look at my fall Sold out in a few minutes First Row Friends They will come out when I’ve done, Letters in my name will go away because those who bring fuel will only come when the fire is burning Hey, damn I use a razor to remove the tension “Yes, yes, yes) “Take the laser and aim at my head and paint the walls red” I replied (yes, yes, yes) I’m crazy, I’m no longer taking medication, better yet (yes, yes, yes) I use a razor to relieve tension, for my fall Jumping from the ticket selling lodge I sell tickets Fall I sell tickets for my fall I sell tickets for my fall

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-Original version – yes- (ilainiai)

Call after 12 noon If you are upset – Set the clock and collect the necessary materials and documents If you are upset – Go abroad I said I will make money I said I will make money I said I will make money I will make money

(“Yes” and “Oba fell” – “That’s how I exchanged money”, but I don’t really understand the text there), “P. Ambrosevisius joked in the post.

This year Eurovision is taking place at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam. The first semi-final of Eurovision, which will also see the Lithuanian delegation, will take place tomorrow. The final of the tournament is this Saturday.

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