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মিয়ানমারে আবার গুলি, নিহত ৩৮

In Myanmar, security forces opened fire again on pro-democracy protesters. At least 36 people were killed when gunmen opened fire on protesters on Wednesday in several cities across the country. UN Special Envoy to Myanmar Christine Schreiner Bergner confirmed the information last night. Yesterday was the worst day in the country since the military coup last month. Foreign ministers from neighboring Southeast Asia on Tuesday called on Myanmar’s ruling government to exercise restraint. The next day, security forces opened fire, causing casualties. The panel has filed charges against six journalists, including a photographer for the Associated Press.

Christine Schreiner Bergner said: ‘Today (Wednesday) 38 people died; Today is the bloody day after the coup. At least half a hundred people lost their lives after the change of military regime. He called on the United Nations to take immediate action against the regime.

On February 1, Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi overthrew the elected government and seized power. Struggles have been going on in the streets since the conspiracy to restore democracy. On Tuesday, 30 protesters were killed so far. International pressure on the military junta is increasing every day. Many Western countries have already imposed sanctions on many commanders. Britain convenes a meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday to discuss the latest Myanmar issue.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis, the Catholic clergyman, has called on the Myanmar military to move away from repression and prioritize resolving the crisis through dialogue. Earlier, he had repeatedly called for the release of political prisoners, including Suu Kyi. The media reported that four people had been shot dead by security forces in the central city of Mingin, citing eyewitnesses and health workers. Two people were killed in Mandalay, the second largest city. Tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and members of the security forces threw new shots. At least 16 people were injured in Mingin. Also in the town of Monia, two rescue workers saw the bodies of both men being removed. There were daily demonstrations in Yangon. One person has been reported dead in the country’s largest city. Apart from these cities, there have been protests in China, Kutch and Shan provinces, as well as in the cities of Chongqing and Taoist.

In addition to using force against protesters, arrests continue. Nearly 300 people were arrested by police and later dissolution of protesters in Yangon. More than 1,200 people have been detained from the military coup, according to the Monitoring Assistance for Political Prisoners (APP). Of these, 900 are still in jail or have been charged.

Charges against six journalists: Associated Press photographer Thein Jake was detained by the news agency during a protest in Yangon on Saturday. His lawyer, Tin Jar, said yesterday that six journalists, including Dean Jose, had been charged with “directly or indirectly inciting government employees to spread fear and misinformation.” Of the remaining five journalists, four are from Myanmar Now, Myanmar Photography, Seven Day News and Gigat Online News, and five are private.

Sources: AFP, Reuters.

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