The M5-RFP announces a “popular demonstration” and calls on militants to be “vigilant.”

Mali : le M5-RFP annonce une "manifestation populaire" et invite les militants à rester "attentifs"

On May 6, 2021, Malian stated that the M5-RFP Strategic Committee was considering the resignations of the Prime Minister and his government, and that he had not consulted or interacted with this change, and in no case did it meet his expectations (and his ten) (10). The actions taken during the meeting with Bah NDAW, the leader of the change.

As for the M5-RFP, these alleged actions will remain “dead letters” as long as they hold the reality of the power of the military junta. The M5-RFP believes in a press release that the issue of the National Transitional Council (CNT) is “illegal and illegal, and will remain so until it is dissolved.”

Beyond that, the M5-RFP, as it stands, “there is a difference of opinion on the path of change precisely embedded by the updated Prime Minister, who cannot join all supporters and those who ignore it”.

In line with its already announced mobilization and popular demonstrations, the movement calls on all activists, including the interior and diaspora, to “mobilize and pay attention to its words.” A change is being made for the restoration of Mali. ”

On Friday, the head of the change, state president Pa N Da, accepted the resignation of the government. Prime Minister Mokhtar Owane immediately returned to his post.

Note that on September 27, 2020, Moktar Owane was appointed Prime Minister for the first time. The now-dissolved government took effect on October 5, 2020. The prime minister is expected to form a new government in the coming days.

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