“Uber operates illegally in Argentina” | Interview …

"Uber operates illegally in Argentina" |  Interview ...

Alberto Rodriguez, secretary of the Capital Taxi Drivers’ Association, explains that “Uber’s ultimate goal is to take over our operation, which is a public service, and other activities such as truck drivers, distribution and monopoly ownership.” CDA In the world, first United States a ChinaEfforts to regulate large companies are progressing. Not Uber The exception. “We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications.”

– How does Uber work in Argentina?

– Uber is still illegal in all the cities of the country where it has tried to settle, except for Governor Alfredo Carnejo’s Mendoza. Its methods of penetration are based on the economic and political sovereignty of the states, national, provincial or municipal, tax laws, regulation of passenger transport, protection of work and ignorance of workers’ rights. It operates illegally at CABA. There is a court and chamber ruling ordering Uber to suspend operations, which the city government of Buenos Aires has not complied with. In addition, it can be added that this application ignores the DNU of the National Government regarding the controls caused by epidemics that have activity beyond its control on the streets.

What about the tax issue?

– There are two tests for economic criminal justice against Uber. One is from the AFIP for non-payment of taxes, and the other is from the front of the taxi driver to investigate how these profits are leaking. We provide it because we consider the data illegal. They are the enormous costs of the epidemic and the dollars that will help us deal with the severe economic crisis we are experiencing.

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– Globally Uber continues to lose money. How do you explain?

– Uber and other utilities are an expression of parasitic capitalism that does not invest in a peso, does not take responsibility for its operation and charges a commission per trip, for now, at 25 percent, allowing millionaire profits without any risk. They collect money or pay electronically, and these profits are taken overseas. It does so by regulating the financial system of Macrismo, which opens all the doors to the flight of foreign currency. I do not know its balances in the world, but Uber has not lost money, no company of this type has lost money. It may have happened when he established a dumping policy to position himself and eliminate rivals, but the world is going through this epidemic situation, on the contrary, the pages of world newspapers make clear his ill-gotten gains.

– What is your business strategy?

– They sell shares to their investors to buy more profitable companies, but in my understanding, finance capital is only a part of the game. In fact, Uber’s imposition of its business model has always raised the notion that its drivers are “partners”. He does all the responsibility on his workers, without paying social security contributions, to shoot at pleasure, and to prevent any unionization. In other words, it deprives you of absolute rights to impose complete job insecurity.

– Do you see a global trend to regulate sites like Uber?

– I do not see any changes in that sense. The verdict they lost in the UK was that after years of exploitation of work, the London taxi service was almost doomed. Uber and other companies such as DD, Beat and KPF have a strategy: a rule that must be legislated, often as an alliance of political forces and right-wing or compromise governments, as workers’ struggles progress, but they do not respect the rights of illegal workers to be more flexible to certain clauses and their responsibilities Special for functions.

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– What is the social and labor balance of the Uber process?

– The United States and other central countries of neo-liberal capitalism have encouraged the expansion of these institutions with the verse of modernization, but they have sown unemployment, hunger and misery in the world. The previous Macrista government was a model student of these policies. That new liberal subjectivity is unfortunately not in question; Not even in the ILO, in an important discussion. The Biden and Amazon affair, for example, is only a political ploy by Democrats to lose support in the labor movement. To the rest of the world, US imperial policy remains intact in protecting the interests of its institutions. There are many examples to prove this, including wars and the occupation of nations. In the demonstrations of the ILO and the United States government, they even claim that the benefits of this regulation are less harmful. Those who become spokespersons for them are very naive.

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