Tommy’s City Dinner makes its big comeback in Pink City

Tommy’s City Dinner makes its big comeback in Pink City

Fifties America is coming to Toulouse! Well, we exaggerate, but rarely … because Tommy’s City Dinner, This is a menu full of burgers, bagels, hot dogs, cookies, brownies or milkshakes … (Is your mouth watering? We are!).

But this is above all Cheerful and colorful decoration based on neon lights, jukeboxes, tin signs… 1950s America! In short, Tommy’s City Dinner puts small meals into large ones, which allows you to travel in space and time. And give yourself the idea of ​​finding yourself in the movie “Greece”!

Opening 7 days a week, like a real American restaurant, Tommy’s City Dinner never forgets its Toulouse roots. Because all of his recipes (created by Patrick Sola) are made from local ingredients. American style burgers, yes, but baked with a Toulouse baker with French meat and bread. Triple Yum.

The restaurant is scheduled to open in Boulevard Carnot in early June. Will first offer its food for sale (And on the terrace, if the weather is good). Once health conditions allow (usually June 9), Tommy’s City Dinner will open its doors to you.
For our readers who live near Labage, do not be afraid. Tommy’s Dinner at Labage is obvious. You will be spoiled for choice!
Address: 52 Boulevard Lazarus Carnot, 31000 Toulouse. Open for lunch and dinner.

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