Tells about network changes

Tells about network changes

Today, Saturday, the deadline and WhatsApp changes its privacy policy. The Internet thus operates to the new rules of the Facebook subsidiary.

Brief essentials

  • Now that the official time has come, WhatsApp is changing its data security terms.
  • Opinions and ideas about the changes are accumulating on the internet.
  • Users on the web and Nav readers say the same thing.

It has been known for a long time, now the time has come: with WhatsApp, the new terms and conditions will apply immediately. If users agree, the application will access user data in the future. There is a chance to deny this, but by doing so More features are blocked. So if you want to have a full range of functions, you are practically forced to accept the new terms and conditions.

But how does the network respond to this change? looked around.

“Do not install the latest version of WhatsApp”

Twitter-User Michael Jangwirth sees the whole situation as practical. You should not install the new version “That’s good!”

But it is not so easy, because those who do not accept the terms and conditions lose the messenger’s functions the most. However, there is also the option of accepting later. However, if you do not use the account for more than four weeks, you run the risk of being deleted.

this too Twitter-High Max clearly, who advises not to agree, at least for now. He advises to use messengers to say “we believe”.

Michael Alban, a media educator and youth media protection officer, found no reason for the debate. Swiss com. He has already left Messenger under the leadership of Facebook, releasing something about it.

With a hashtag, he refers to the competitor’s product signal. Incidentally, even the ambassador Used by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Which messenger do you use the most? readers are aware of the situation

In the comment column on, it is not entirely clear where all the excitement for «gino comes from. All users should ask their நண்ப WhatsApp friends to install Sign Sign. So a smooth transition is possible.

However, our readers disagree on the messenger of choice. “Why no telegram?” User Thomas P. With the opposite question “Why not Trima?” The ambassador is much better than other junk.

In general, the Swiss representative for the Messenger seems to be popular in our circles. “Pet 2” marks another sticky point here, “Now we are switching to Trima in our business”. Employee chats are a barrier for many, especially when it comes to making a difference.

With WhatsApp, you seem to be very relaxed about the whole situation. In addition to some reports, the team will shoot Twitter At the same time Website Against its competing products.

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