Super car reaches crazy speed – miscellaneous

Super car reaches crazy speed - miscellaneous

A car belonging to the “Dwara” company went at a speed of 455 km, which broke the world record for the world’s “fastest vehicle”.

“SSC” announced on Wednesday that its supercar “Duatora”, valued at $ 1.9 million, has become the fastest car in the world, after recording a top speed of 455km / h.

The car was powered by an 8-cylinder engine that produces up to 1750 horsepower, and was inspired by the design of warplanes, knowing that the design of the vehicle took a decade, Sky News reported.

As the company announced in October last week that the supercar had recorded a top speed of 532 km / h, this is the second time that the “Tudora” has broken the record for the fastest car in the world, on the highway outside Las Vegas by testing in the desert.

But the number reached earlier is questionable, after car enthusiasts noticed discrepancies in the speed data recorded in the Global Positioning System (GPS), which did not match the speed-documenting camera, with a number of additional reasons.

Last week, “Tuatara” went in opposite directions at the Kennedy Space Center, setting its new “documented” speed within an hour, breaking the world record for “fastest vehicle”.


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