Audi Netflix defends Deborah and Zack Snyder Warner

Audi Netflix defends Deborah and Zack Snyder Warner

For Zach Snyder and his wife, the Army of the Dead shooting was particularly long and adventurous.

A few weeks after the win Sock Snyder’s Justice League – Celebrity Snyder Cut – At HBO Max, the American director is already back with a new movie: This time, he tackles the zombie genre. Army of the Dead, Whose release has been announced May 21, 2021 In Las Vegas, in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse, Netflix tells the story of a mercenary on the brink of the turn of the century.

The film was filmed in July 2019, long before the Covid 19 epidemic complicated its post-production. Initially, the film was to be produced and distributed by the Warner Group – yes, Snyder had a few … same studios … struggles in filming Justice League. Eventually, the film teamed up with Netflix, and it’s even better, so the filmmaker’s wife (and co – producer Deborah Snyder)Army of the Dead).

PhotoWalking sports slaves

American site Variety So Deborah reports that she coped with Snyder Warner – she did not go with the salt grain:

“Obviously, this movie would never have seen daylight without Netflix. For years, this movie was in Warner’s hands, it’s not progressing. We were told they hadn’t seen ‘How.’

During the conversation, Zach Snyder added:

“I can tell you that Netflix was so awesome. They came to me and said they were excited to make a film for the small screen.”

Photo by Matthias Schweizer, Dave BatistaWhen Batista looks at you, you lower your eyes …

These minor production issues are not the only misinformation the Snyder couple encountered. At the end of the shoot, allegations of sexual abuse of minors surfaced against Chris de Elia, one of the actors chosen to play Dave Batista’s co-star in the film. All scenes with D’Elia were later edited and new scenes were filmed with actress Dick Notaro (A Mississippi, Star Trek: Discovery). They are mainly green background scenes with a lot of special effects.

For the actress, the shooting experience was not ordinary. In the settlement, he did not meet many of the partners he played with (reorganizations took place during epidemics, so with a small team). In the microphone Conflict He described filming in a small group with the filmmaker:

“I only show up in collections to make friends. It felt like an opportunity to show me off and have a good laugh. I was curious and I asked Zack, ‘Can you assure me you will. Laugh at times and I will sound like a complete banger?'” He promised me, and his He kept his promise and it was a lot of fun.

Photo by Dick NotaroSettle alone, but still a member of the group

The film will join my red stage in a few days. In the meantime, you can already watch the first fifteen minutes of this zombie movie or read the first reviews. Picture available 21 May.

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