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Following last year’s cancellation, this year’s Google I / O Developers Conference will take place on May 19 at 1am Beijing time. Regarding the content involved in the opening speech, Google said: “Please focus on understanding how we can further accomplish our mission, streamline global information and make it globally accessible and effective.” What are the highlights of this conference? Let’s see together.

Additional information about Android 12

Under normal circumstances, Google will announce at the annual I / O Developer Conference the many features and functionality of the new version of the Android system, and we predict that this year will not be an exception. Google has released some developer previews of Android 12. Most of these previews come with a number of detailed changes and developer-centric features. But at the I / O conference, Google is likely to unveil some user-centric features in Android 12, including some rumored key user interface changes, stacked gadgets and a new lock screen with large clock text.

Google Improvements to Google’s core services

At previous I / O developer conferences, Google wanted to share key updates for its services and software. Over the past few years, we ‘ve seen Google Maps use incognito mode, new assistant voice, and Google Duplex demo to announce certain things, including Google Assistant salon calling. Google may plan to introduce similar exciting new features.

A series of Ix Pixel Butts

We already know that the company is developing a new Pixel Butts real wireless headset, which will probably be unveiled at this year’s I / O conference. Google has confirmed that this headset will support Google’s fast integration experience and provide “high quality sound”. As part of the A series, this headset is expected to be cheaper than Google’s current $ 179 pixel butt, but still has touch control.

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Ix pixel 5 a

Google officially announced the Pixel 5A5G in AprilCell phoneRumors of cancellation. But we can’t find more information at this year’s Google I / O conference. When Google announced the upcoming mobile phone, the company said it would be available in the US and Japan later this year, in line with the launch of a series of mobile phones last year. The Pixel 4A, 4A5G and Pixel 5 were all announced in early August last year, so it looks like we’ll have to wait a while to see the official release of Google’s next mid-range phone.

Customized processor

There are rumors that Google will make its own chips, which will be used in its own pixel models. The developers found traces of Google’s self-developed chips in the Android open source code. The developer found two keywords in the Android source code, White Chapel and P21. Among them, White Chapel is the code name for Google’s self-developed chip, and the P21 pixel may be 2021, which means Google will release the model this year.



According to the naming rules of the pixel, the model that Google will release this year is the Pixel 6, so the P21 may be the Pixel 6. It looks like the White Chapel chip will be used on the Pixel 6. Earlier, Google employees pointed out that Google’s new generation pixel phones would use white chapel chips, but the specific details of the white chapel chips were temporarily unknown.

Some may have some surprises

While Google’s confidentiality of new products is not strict, Google will always bring some new products that will surprise us at I / O conferences.

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