BDS on the first page of Rolling Stone, first for all Asian group

La couverture de Rolling Stone de juin 2021. (Photo fournie par Rolling Stone. Revente et archivage interdits)

SEOUL, May 14 (Xinhua) – K-pop group Ponton Boys (PDS) will pose on the cover of Rolling Stone’s upcoming magazine as an introduction to the new English single “butter” approaches, the American press reported. On social networks.

This will be the first time in its 54-year history that a group of all-Asian members will create the first page of Rolling Stone, which illustrates the “power and influence of the group”.

Rolling Stone also published an interview entitled “PDS Triumph: How Seven Young Superstars Rewrote the Rules of the Music Field and Became the Best Band in the World”.

The article is particularly glamorous, exemplifying elegant but personal music and group masculinity beyond genres. “Every part of it feels like it’s coming from a bright and promising time.”

RM, the group’s leader, declares that “there is no such thing as a fantasy.” “There is a bright area and there will always be a dark area. […] We also hope that the minority population will draw energy and strength from our existence, ”he continued.

RM talks about their financial role in the band’s new name, Hybil, the advertising agency’s Big Hit Music. “It’s very important,” he said. “Now the victory of the Big Hit is our victory, our victory is the victory of the Big Hit.”

The American press also discussed amending a law in South Korea to allow pop culture celebrities nominated by the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism to postpone their compulsory military service until age for their contribution to improving the country’s image. At 30.

“You are doing this well and we will give you some more time,” Jin said, adding that military service is “an important duty to our country.”

Rolling Stone also released the band’s new single on May 21, describing it as a dance song “in a retro style”. “Like ‘dynamite’ in a light note, ‘butter’ does not have a heavy message,” he noted.

Founded in 1967, Rolling Stone is a monthly magazine covering music, entertainment and politics.

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