Amazing study of those who want to live in cities!

Amazing study of those who want to live in cities!

One study puts a high score on mental personality traits that prefer a quiet concrete jungle in quiet countryside, in which some studies list the tendency to distance themselves from others, the inability to plan for the future, the instability of one job to another, and / or run away from home or school Characterized by failing to balance when going and expressing certain emotions and aggressive behavior.

According to the British “Daily Mail”, citing the scientific journal Environmental Psychology, a group of scientists have concluded that people who have no connection with nature are more likely to be affected by “dark” personality traits.

Research axes

Recent scientific studies support the conclusion that being in and around nature has always been associated with improved mental health.

The Mind Psychological Health Association says that spending time in nature can alleviate problems such as stress and depression.

Forensic psychologists at the University of Derby evaluated the data from two different studies in a total of 500 UKs, in which participants were asked to answer whether they would like to live with 3 exams, urban, suburban or rural. Participants responded to questionnaires to determine their personality type and traits, as well as their relationship with nature.

Dark triangle

Data extracted from the answers show that individuals with personality traits ruled by the so-called “dark triangle” of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychosis are less inclined to manipulate nature.

“The relationship between nature and mental illness has been proven,” said Dr. Dean Fido of the University of Derby, a leading researcher in the study, adding that each person has psychiatric tendencies, but the condition varies from person to person.

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Psychiatry in the media

Dr. Fido added, “Unlike what is portrayed in the media, it does not have to be paradoxical and dangerous in nature.” Due to.

But although research reveals and proves that people with mental illness prefer cities to rural areas, the reason for this is not yet known.

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