New doubts about forced labor with Apple contractors in China

New doubts about forced labor with Apple contractors in China

Seven Apple contractors in China are suspected of participating in the government’s forced labor program for the Uyghur people. Human rights organizations and the site Information They claim to have discovered many objects.

For example, Advanst-Connectic’s factory, a subcontractor located in Xinjiang (Uyghur province), was surrounded by walls and fences within an industrial park, providing only one way out. According to other satellite images, next to the park was a building that was identified as a detention center for workers.

According to the survey Information, At least several thousand Uyghurs have worked hard for Apple. Voluntary charities say protesters will be jailed. Other companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft use the same contractors. Apple responded that it did not find evidence of forced labor in its supply chain, including seven relevant contractors, but that doing so would reduce its relationship with its partners.

Similar allegations have been made against other Apple subsidiaries in the past. Apple has stated that it has not always identified any cases of forced labor among its partners.

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