"Killers of the Flower Moon": The first film of Martin Scorsese's next film

“Killers of the Flower Moon”: The first film of Martin Scorsese’s next film

Then Netflix, Martin Scorsese Collaborate with Apple For his next film. As filming is about to begin, the secrets surrounding this much-anticipated Western are becoming clear. With the screenwriter Eric Roth (A star is born, Forest Comp, Benjamin Button’s interesting case), Martin Scorsese When it comes to a new large-scale project there is no going back four lanes. The budget is planned Killers of the Flower Moon ? $ 200 million.


American Note from Bestseller David Cron, Killers of the Flower Moon Exemplifies the history of the Native American Osage tribe. In his book, published in 2017, the author told the true story of his destruction. In 1921, when the majority of the indigenous people had been exterminated and the survivors lived in reserves, the Osage people entered the world. Sent to remote parts of Oklahoma they found one of America’s largest oil fields and happily became rich at home, staff whites, their children go to the best universities and they live millionaire lives. Until the day when horrific events disturb the well-established order. A series of murders are rocking the Osage community: the Bureau of Investigation (formerly the FBI) ​​is involved in poisoning, explosives hidden in homes and guns. In the title of the trial, Ambitious Edgar J. Hoover It wants to shed light on this issue in order to climb the ladder of its hierarchy.


Martin Scorsese It never comes alone when announcing a new project. Again, the director has been circling himself with big names in cinema. His favorite duo will be by his side: Robert De Niro And Leonardo DiCaprio Playing respectively William Hale, Owner of a wealthy farm and his nephew Ernest Buckhardt, Osage married one of the community members. To explain Molly Buckhardt, Scorsese chose the actress with her own look Lily Cladstone. This Jesse Flemens Appointed to give explanation Tom White, Sent the FBI investigator to the scene Edgar J. Hoover. We saw him in the series Bad breaking And inside Irish man What Martin Scorsese Directed Netflix. The cast includes other actors avalanche: Tadanga means, Michael Abbott Jr., Pat Healy, Scott Shepherd, Tandoo Cardinal, Louis Kansalmi, Jillian Dionபகுதி Part of the group already exists in the set located in Oklahoma. Handed over Paramount Then Apple, Killers of the Flower Moon Usually in cinemas and then on VOD Apple TV + In 2022.

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