The Hue streaming site is coming to France today

The Hue streaming site is coming to France today

The reality TV event is coming to France. The Hue Streaming site came up with a star show in France this February 18th: Continuing with the Kardashians.

SubscribersHuh So there will be access to 19 seasons of the show that recall the adventures of Kim, Klose and Courtney Kardashian. Continuing with the Kardashians Previously offered on Netflix and Amazon Prime video, but it is not complete.

Filming for the last season 20 of the series is over, and keep in mind that it will be available Huh.

99 4.99 per month

But that’s not all. Featuring other American reality shows such as the new streaming platform Real housewives, Which has the life of rich housewives. It will host ஒடின, A news program, or Million dollar list, Which follows real estate agents in the sale of high-value property.

All of these plans are accessible at 99 4.99 per month. Seven days free trial is offered.

Originally developed in the United States, Huawei is already available in 26 countries. The site was launched in the UK in 2016 and in Germany last year.

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