‘England’ shows green lights, locks May 17th

‘อังกฤษ’ จ่อไฟเขียวคลายล็อกดาวน์ 17 พ.ค.

10 May 2021


Today’s winning cabinet meeting “UK” expects to approve the easing of locking measures from May 17

BBC NewsBoris Johnson, British Prime Minister Get ready to announceLoosening the locking actionIn the UK, Mr. The British cabinet is expected to be under Johnson’s administration. It will remain open to most international travels, although it will announce further easing of locking operations from May 17TravelerThe UK is still detained and tested for COVID-19.

CabinetEnglishThere is a meeting today to discuss the next step. It is expected that Mr Johnson will release information supporting the decision to loosen the lock.COVID-19 Further

It is also expected that the British government will advise citizens to have close contacts with friends and family, to hug whether it is possible or not.

However, news reports indicate this problemIt is likely that the referendum in Scotland to secede from the UK will see the easing of locking measures in the coming months.

However, an upcoming report on facilitating locking operations. The tense situation between England and Scotland is taking place Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon held a press conference on Saturday that he will continue to hold a referendum on secession from the UK.

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