We collaborated with Solomon to provide information to the United States

We collaborated with Solomon to provide information to the United States

It happened after the buzz Leaked audio recording Zarif’s criticism of Cossem Solomon’s recent intervention in Iranian foreign policy led to another surprise from Iranian Foreign Minister Gassem Solomon, who, in an interview with a French channel, confirmed that he had provided information to Washington in coordination with Solomon.

The Iranian reformist platform Jamaran Zarif published an interview with a French channel as part of the documentary “Iranian strategist Gassem Cholaimani”, in which he says: “Before the US invasion of Iraq, I negotiated with the Americans three times, and twice before. Then again. “

The Iranian foreign minister added in the video: “Throughout those talks, we collaborated with Qasim Solomon to provide information and feedback, and I was Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations at the time.”

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Washington. “We opposed the US move in Iraq and told them what would happen in the future.

Incredible answers

On the other hand, today, Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Minister attended a meeting To the National Security Council The foreign policy of the Iranian parliament provided explanations for its “leaked audio file”. The speaker of parliament, Mohammad Baqir Khalifa, and several other delegates expressed strong opposition to him, threatening to seek a “quick response” from parliament.

The National Security Council of the Iranian parliament said Sareeb’s response to the audio leak was not credible.

In the leaked post, Mohammed Jawad Sharif, in an interview with an Iranian journalist, criticized the military’s dominance over Iran’s foreign policy, particularly Qassim Cholaimani, saying that some of these policies were a result of Syria’s. “Russia’s will.”

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The Iranian government preferred the “battlefield” of the revolutionary guards over “diplomacy” and accused Qassim Cholaimani of being a “field commander”, which was detrimental to the diplomacy pursued by the Rouhani government.

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