The 3-year-old boy said he was asleep not knowing his mother was dead

The 3-year-old boy said he was asleep not knowing his mother was dead

“Mom is asleep, I can not wake her,” said one Boy
The 3-year-old told his dad while answering the house phone. The little boy did not realize that she was dead.

The event was recorded on Coriander, Argentina.

The widow spoke to about what happened to her family, which she said was “terrible. I don’t like it for anyone, I don’t understand Why did that happen to us? ”

According to the man, his wife woke up with an ear ring and said she would make an appointment to check.

Later, Mariana had to take her eldest daughter to her grandparents’ house, but she never came. The family started calling her without getting an answer and then contacted her husband Gabriel.

The man kept insisting on the phone until his 3-year-old son answered and told his mother he was asleep. “There I got out quickly thinking it was the worst,” he said.

“My baby was purple and my wife was cold,” Gabrielle said of the scene she discovered in her home.

There is anger over the crime of the boy who was abducted by his father. The body was found in the Branch River.

According to the autopsy, the 30-year-old mother died suddenly and the minor breathed while she was breastfeeding.

About the 3-year-old who answered the phone, his dad said, “This is a pretty little sun. He answered the phone and warned me of what had happened … He was small, I was trying to do this as best I could, but he felt it. He sees his family members crying and his mother and her little sister are gone. ”

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