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On May 4, Tencent’s director of public relations, Zhang Jun, posted a message on his Weibo: “Young people fall asleep while we’re busy doing various programs to pay tribute to young people.” As of May 5, the concept has more than 24,000 posts, 1.83 million likes and 45,000 reposts under this Weibo, which is more than his other micro blogs. “Tencent Zhang Jun” is also a key word and has been included in the Weibo hot search list. “#How did you see it?” Topped the list of hotly debated topics.

Zhang Jun Weibo was released on May 4th at 9:33 am, which is May 4th Youth Day and May Day holiday. So, some netizens commented on Zhang Jun Weibo: “How can I not sleep during the holidays? Should I get up at six and take a shower and change clothes? Is someone forcing you to plan a tribute?”

Some Netizens joked, “Understand that you feel less old.”

“Young people in 996 have lost sleep with you”, “Is it not enough to sleep when it’s right? Not used to rest for the holidays? Do not make yourself too tired, rest is very important.”

Some Netizens concluded that this showed that they did not understand “satisfaction”: “Respect is a fundamental element of worship, so it is up to young people to choose whether to sleep or not.” If you want to pay tribute, you must first learn respect. 35 years old. The following are all young people, how many people did you kill with this stick. ”

Some netizens also expressed their feelings about the stress of work and life: “During the May holidays I still work overtime until 10:30 pm. My friend rewrote your Weibo to show me”, “I’m a teenager, I work during the day and help at night” .My wife comes with a 3 year old baby.He is usually busy with work and stress, travels often.Now vacation is available, can I still sleep? “,” Young. People want to take advantage of vacation to make up for a good night’s sleep! When you complain, But I do not know what is in his dream? Direction There is confusion and anxiety about not finding! “

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In addition to Zhang Jun’s direct criticism of Weibo, there are also discussions on labor relations in the comment section.

“Wealth exchanged for the bodies of young people, now young people are asleep.”

Some Netizens argue that “the goal of social and economic progress is not to be driven by capital to create surplus value, but to make people, including young people, live happier lives.”

What some Netizens want to reveal about Zhang Jun is that the various “tributes to youth” program at this time did not really move the youth. One Netizen said: “The subject of the blog is, ‘We’ve been busy with all sorts of things to praise middle – aged youth. Do young people really appreciate it?’

In January of this year, the Xinhua news agency published a research paper signed by “Gin Shipping”, noting that overtime work and late stays and overtime work have become routine in life and have become “unbearable pain” for hard workers. A company that accepts social responsibility can not only increase performance in fierce competition, but also increase the employee happiness index in shared growth. “Defending the legitimate rights and interests of workers and continuing to promote workers’ gain, happiness and security is the right thing to do to promote a sense of struggle.”

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