How to call with hidden or unique number from Android or iPhone

How to call with hidden or unique number from Android or iPhone

It has happened to all of us to pick up a mobile to answer an incoming call and see that we can not even read because the number does not reflect. This is a ploy commonly used by businesses of companies and telemarketing services, but since that number does not appear, it cannot be saved and prevented. Want to know how to do it?

Call from a hidden or private number

Why call to hide your number? According to An expert in cyber security S2 Group, in some cases it may come in handy to hide our phone number, for example if we call “Tell us about a product or service We do not want them to call us back. ” Or it may be helpful to call a stranger at the right time for some reason “We don’t want you to have our number.”

Anyone who knows our number, for example, Write to us through WhatsApp and see if we are online Depending on how we configure the privacy of this application, you will even see our profile picture. This way, we are going to see how to do it without installing anything:

Call with hidden or unique number on Android and iOS

This time it is not clear whether you are doing it from an Android smartphone or iPhone, it is very simple: put it in front of the phone number, # 31 #. I.e.: pad, 3, 1, pad.

If you are going to call, for example, a Murcia landline (prefix 968) or mobile, you need to dial:

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– # 31 #968xxxxxx

– # 31 #666xxxxxx

The caller will see that a number does not appear on their screen, but rather “hidden number”, “private number”, “unknown number” or some similar expression.

The call that always hides the call on Android

  1. Open the app Phone
  2. Search for the option Settings
  3. Depending on the mobile, you will get different options. You have to search Calls Then enter Additional adjustment. Or this last option may be within it Other call settings Within the option of calls
  4. When you are inside, watch the process Caller ID, Which is normal The default value of the network. And feet Hide number

Call always hides call on iOS

  1. Hold down the iPhone and enter Phone settings
  2. Look for the option Phone And enter.
  3. Now feet Show caller ID, And within this a Deactivate.

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