How technology works to chat with the dead

How technology works to chat with the dead

Fiction rather than science? Anyway, Microsoft Improvements in the design of the system that allows chatting with the dead. It should be noted that this is not a confirmation development, but the site states that the US company patented the idea. Windows Central.

This project is not a simple chimera because it appears at first approximation. The documents describe that the chatbot can be followed by analyzing the dead person’s fingerprint. That is, an artificial intelligence Images, social media posts, audios and emails learn the ways they speak, their intrusions and nonsense, and in this way, create a kind of virtual clone.

Opportunity to create Models in two and three dimensions, Using photos and videos of that person. This idea also transcends communication with the dead. As the patent explains, “a person can be a friend, relative, acquaintance, a celebrity, a historical person, a fictional character or a company randomly resembling a present or past company (or version thereof).”

Access the patent filed by Microsoft This link.

Technology and beyond

Microsoft’s proposal is not like this. As we have reviewed This note of DN Techno, Has a name for technologies that allow digital communication with the dead:Letterboats“, Something like” bots for bots “.

Companies like Replica already offer such technology. A company called Luca, which works with that company, introduced a company Software This allows you to connect with the late Roman Masurenko in 2015. The woman who created the system collected all the audio and text messages she had from the person and her best friend and “put” them in a robot called a “robot”. As he points out, the machine manages to follow its partner’s way of thinking.

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In this context, a debate arises with many margins. “Is it ethical to use an automated method to resurrect the dead? What about the privacy of the information they are required to act on? Further, Is it appropriate for a grieving person to talk to a loved one who has passed away?

Some experts say that extending the bond over time can be beneficial for people who lose a loved one so it is a Modern version of rituals to remember the dead; Others argue that life without that existence is difficult to fix and, in the end, can never develop the necessary grief.

Science fiction seems to have come before technology companies thought of grief. A chapter Black glass, A series about the future that is affected by technological advances, tells the story of a woman who loses her boyfriend and frees herself by living with a robot, whose answers are not spontaneous (they are usually of a man who breathes) but planned.

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