Follow the live test of the Starship Rocket live

SpaceX launches a new high-altitude test shooter for its starship prototype rocket (SN15). The event can be followed directly.

  • What? Starship’s fifth high-altitude test aircraft;
  • When? May 6, from 12:20 am (Paris time);
  • Or? Boca Chicago, South Texas (USA):
  • What shall we see? An important evolution of the starship prototype, which would allow SpaceX to advance in the development of its new rocket;

Following the previous four tests, SpaceX is set to conduct a higher-altitude test of its starship spacecraft prototype. As in previous seasons, the engine takes off at an altitude of 10 km and descends laterally in a controlled manner, thanks to the aerones with its melting. At the last moment, he had to straighten up, and land.

But there is a world from theory to practice. Four attempts (SN8, SN9, SN10 and SN11) failed: each time, the shooting and ascent went well as it returned to Earth. But each time, the streak ended in a big bang. Of these four aircraft, the SN10 did the best: the engine was able to land a few minutes before the chimney went up.

The SN15 prototype (no aircraft with SN12, SN13 and SN14 models, they were used for engineering tests) is eagerly awaited though as it is described as more advanced than previous missiles. This is ” Hundreds of architecture, avionics, software and machine upgrades According to Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX.

Starship is the name given to the upper stage (spacecraft) and the entire rocket, called the first stage super heavy. So far, SpaceX has focused its efforts on the spacecraft. However, the company is still trying to test the super heavy. A test was expected in April, but it did not happen.

Starship, in its complete version: We observe the first phase of the largest superheavy under the spacecraft. // Source: Clary Break for Numarama

In its full version, the starship rocket will be no less than 120 meters. There are very few launchers of this size in the world: the NASA rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), whose aircraft is scheduled for the end of 2021, or from the new Glenn Launcher Blue from the future. Origin. Other rockets, such as Ariane 6, Falcon Heavy or Long March 5, are more moderate.

SpaceX wants to turn the starship of space research into a Swiss military knife. The range of missile-capable missions is enormous: in theory, it should simultaneously launch satellites into orbit, refuel the International Space Station (ISS) and the transport crew, make good suburban intercontinental missions, and serve the Moon, Mars And win beyond that.

The American company will be held on May 6, 2021 at 12:20 p.m. Since there is only one simple leap to greater heights following multiple maneuvers, the sequence will be shorter, up to a maximum of twenty minutes.

The release airs on SpaceX’s YouTube channel. You can follow the shooting with the video below.

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