Clubhouse, the audio social network, has implemented a trial version for Android

Clubhouse in the App Store
Clubhouse in the App Store

Live Audio Social Networking Clubhouse, Currently only available for mobile phones with the operating system iOS, You have implemented a Test version For devices Android. Beta only available Some users But this marks the beginning of a new phase of application, Thus trying to grow in number of users.

In January of this year, the billionaire businessman, CEO of Tesla, had a lot of visibility. Elon Musk The voice made its debut on the social network, In an audio session with 5,000 people (maximum number of users per conversation). Appeared on Good time show, Guests and co-hosts An evening event involving company partners, on various occasions Andrissen Horowitz (a16z), The main investor in the clubhouse (which invests in some start-ups is Kasturi works).

Clubhouse is a social network, which is not the logic we know from social networksIt does not want to share photos or videos. Social networking was initially launched in March 2020, and since then only mobile users have been able to use it under the iOS system and on call.

Recently, The app developer company has released the first screen shots of the Clubhouse app for Android. Now, the release of “Basic Beta Version for a Few Testers” with Google’s mobile operating system has been announced.

However, Clubhouse reiterated that its version for Android is not currently available to the rest of the users.. However, he hopes to extend this to many more in the coming weeks.

Similarly, the platform has shared some Innovations It will come to your service as such Announcements to report when new people join the group, As well as improvements in recommendations for other users and rooms to follow Activities for reporting abuse Option to identify who is speaking by double-clicking with two fingers.

About the app

Clubhouse was created by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. This is an aural social network, In rooms or Rooms Conversations can be created on a variety of topics, and Upon entering, you can participate or be a single listener.

This app is suitable for people over 17 and has a rating of 4.8 on the App Store. In the Apple Store, they mention that they work from Clubhouse to quickly add people to the app. This is, so far, a necessity for you Call to record. Anyone can get one by joining the waiting list or by asking an existing user.

The clubhouse description says: “This is a place for informal and live audio conversations with friends and other interesting people from all over the world.” Can only chat with followers (with text), and actively participate or listen.

Each new clubhouse user receives two calls to make. Earn more as you use the app more. The app allows you to listen to other people’s live conversations, but not to those who want to hear.

A fake clubhouse

Clubhouse, La Red Social de Vos (Shutterstock)
Clubhouse, La Red Social de Vos (Shutterstock)

In March of this year, cyber security experts identified Fake application From Clubhouse Installed one Malware (Malicious software) Can Steal login credentials from 450+ applications.

It was a version The Android and malicious package was distributed from a website that looks like a legitimate Clubhouse portal, As they warned from the cyber security company Asset.

(With portal information)

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