An angry mob of 200 people burns alive a man accused of stealing a car Chronicles

A Angry crowd He killed a man accused of stealing a car. Of the more than 200, They set the object on fire In Potos, Bolivia, An associate of Linking was injured.

“It needs to be investigated and the culprits found. There are institutions where justice must prevail“, The new governor of Bodos said, Johnny Uncle, In conversation with the press.

The biggest episode took place this Tuesday in Bogota, a municipality north of Potosோ.

Local media reported that the attacker, 27, and a 24-year-old woman who pointed them out for the shooting had been detained by more than two hundred people. They were taken to a court, beaten, and set on fire by throwing petrol at the person.

Meanwhile, the young woman was injured and with some burns. Police were able to rescue her through the mediation of the regional coordination of the ombudsman’s office in the city of Lallagua.

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