US election results 2020 live: Donald Trump blasts Monitoring Committee for ‘unsubstantiated’ claims

US election results 2020 live: Donald Trump blasts Monitoring Committee for 'unsubstantiated' claims

Full report: Biden ‘won enough to take over the White House’

Joe Biden has declared that he has won enough states to capture the White House in the knife-edge election of the United States as the major battlefields of Wisconsin and Michigan have been called for him.

Speaking in his home state of Delaware, the former vice president said he would not announce victory, but hoped that the electoral college system would get enough votes to defeat President Donald Trump.

Mr Biden said: “It is clear that we are winning enough states to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

“I’m not here to announce that we’ve won, but we’re hope to be winners once the count is over.”

When Mr Trump’s campaign announced a lawsuit to suspend voter turnout in Pennsylvania, the president also sparked legal action in Michigan over the lack of “transparency”.

The campaign additionally brought a case to Georgia’s Saddam County, which primarily asked a judge to ensure compliance with state-of-the-art ballots, and Mr Trump’s officials said they were considering linking dozens of other districts across the state with similar claims.

Referring to the situation in Pennsylvania, Mr Trump’s deputy campaign manager, Justin Clark, said the president’s camp was “suing to prevent Democratic election officials from hiding the vote count and process from our Republican poll observers.”

Despite the legal challenges of the Trump campaign – the number of wars in the state continues (Image: Getty Images)

He said the campaign “should suspend the count until there is meaningful transparency and Republicans can ensure that all counts are done above the board and the law.”

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