EU News: Protesters unfurl banner at Brussels Parliament building | World | News

EU News: Protesters unfurl banner at Brussels Parliament building |  World |  News

Brussels security has been called into question after five Greenpeace activists were able to measure the 14-storey facade of the Bellemலேd building in Belgium by hanging a 30-meter banner. With the message “Amazon fire – Europe guilty”, a hole burned through the building reveals the Amazon in flames.

It has changed the EU’s current banner to promote the union’s next – generation recovery plan for the camp economy crippled by the corona virus crisis.

Activists used smoke engines and fake ash to simulate a fire currently burning in the Amazon rainforest.

The protest was in response to the EU Commission’s decision to consider new legislation to reduce Europe’s contribution to deforestation.

Twitter users protested on social media, proving that the Brussels defense had “dropped the ball”.

Someone said: “Someone dropped the ball in the #security of #Greenpeace #Berlaymont @EU_Commission”

Another said: “Yesterday the EU Commission building pledged for the next infrastructure in Berlemont #

“Today it says Europe is to blame for the Amazon fire.

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“Europe is complicit in the destruction of the Amazon and other ecosystems, provoking climate change and exposing us to dangerous diseases such as Covid 19, by purchasing meat, animal feed and other products from deforested areas.

“Europeans can do their shopping safely knowing that nothing on the supermarket shelf is linked to deforestation or human rights abuses – we need a strong EU law to ensure this.”

In the first week of September the fire increased in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

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Brazil has doubled the number of 8,373 fires in the Amazon rainforest in the first seven days of September to the same period a year ago, according to data from Brazil’s national space research agency Inbay.

A major concern is that 27 percent of the fires that have occurred so far in September are in virgin forests, rather than agricultural lands with more recently deforested areas or more fires.

Brussels has long been on fire for promising to attack another free trade agreement involving Brazil.

An EU agreement with Mercosur – a South American trade camp comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – is in effect and awaiting approval.

But there are fears that this could cause even more environmental damage to the Amazon rainforest.

Berlemond’s current banner promises to “help repair the economic and social damage caused by the corona virus epidemic, to initiate a European recovery, and to secure and create jobs,” as the European Commission proposes a major recovery plan for Europe. The full potential of the EU budget. ”

Statistics show the cost of the banner in 2015, 000 11,000 (, 000 9,000) production, installation and removal.

This is actually 20 percent cheaper than the average cost of 000 14,000 (, 000 12,000) spent in previous years.

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