Voice: How much do coaches earn?

Voice: How much do coaches earn?

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of TF1, but will The Voice ‘coaches – Amel Bent, Viani, Florent Bagney and Mark LaVoy – get paid well?

You should first know that the artists working on Tele-Hook’s famous red armchairs will not be placed on the same boat as their American counterparts in the American version of the show.

International star Christina Aguilera is said to be earning seventeen million dollars this season. Compared to the September 21st coming up against Haryana Grande, it is said to be “nothing more than a triple”, a historic mark of $ 25 million for Season 21 alone. An astronomical sum, Katy Perry, puts him on equal pay in the Jury “American Statue” …

Salary below one million euros

According to a general survey, The Voice’s jurors in France have the lowest salaries. Not all of the latter are allowed to stay in the same boat among themselves.

This year, Florent Bagney will be the only lead singer to be paid 5 550,000. Following him will receive Mark Lao’s 400,000 euros. Amel Bent will follow the translator of Ice Revolver with 380,000 euros. Finally, the newcomer, Vienna will get 340,000 euros.

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