Maria Carey may soon be collaborating with Haryana Grande and Jennifer Hudson

Maria Carey may soon be collaborating with Haryana Grande and Jennifer Hudson
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Because ‘When Do You Believe’ the singer shares on social media, a photo showing the director’s chairs set with the initials of three songwriters on the back.

AceShowbiz – Now that the end of the year is fast approaching, the holiday season is also coming. When Christmas comes, of course it should be Maria Carey. The New York diva recently teased her upcoming “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas”, which is set to air on Apple TV, and it looks like a feature Haryana Grande And Jennifer Hudson.

That’s the photo Maria recently uploaded on social media to tease her upcoming release. In the photo, people were able to see three chairs with the three singers ’own writing, with Maria captioning the photo with a Christmas tree emoji. This made people doubt that his new collaboration would include Haryana and Jennifer.

Surprisingly, people went into the woods beyond possibility. “OMG this is Haryana Maria and Jude I will cry,” one person was so excited / he wrote in all the hats. “Not an Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson Colab ….. coming in 20th # 1,” another was equally encouraged, predicting that due to this collaboration the “hero” singer will get another No. 1 song on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Meanwhile, one person compared it to Maria’s collaboration Whitney Houston, “When you believe”. The person commented, “Screaming. This is a white + Maria moment, but in modern times, with Maria ….. iconic.” Another said, “By the way … if AG Haryana Grande I could really get out! Like complete dizziness! This would be a moment we all never thought of … and it must be JH Jennifer Hudson! I shudder!”

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If the speculation is to be true, it would actually put an end to the feuding rumors between Haryana and Maria. Earlier reports said the two singers were not in a good position because people were comparing them to each other. Maria’s ex, Nick Cannon, Previously said of their beef in an interview, “Maria hates this, and Haryana made a major mistake in saying – or I don’t even know if it was her – but it’s relevant. Like, ‘next’ or ‘new’ Mariah Carey. [And she’s like] ‘What does f ** k mean?’ I’m Mariah Carey, why do you need another one? Why do you need the next one? ‘”

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