Amazon formalizes its establishment at Mets and promises 1,000 jobs in three years

Amazon formalizes its establishment at Mets and promises 1,000 jobs in three years

U.S. online retailer Amazon plans to open a large warehouse located in the Metz metropolis “in the summer of 2021” and on Tuesday promised to create 1,000 permanent jobs within three years. The “distribution center”, the vocabulary for Amazon’s largest warehouses, will be located at the former airport on the Frescotti Plateau, south of Agnes, Mets. It “represents an area of ​​50,000 m2 on the ground, which is optimal for 4 levels,” the US giant said in a statement.

Amazon, which expects “14,500 employees on permanent contracts in France” by the end of 2021, has already begun recruiting for the site, especially to fill executive and maintenance technical positions now. “The opening recruitment campaign marks the culmination of a project that has been carried out hand in hand with local players for many years,” Ronan Boley, director of Amazon logistics in France, argued in a press release.

Elected officials are in favor of the Amazon visit

Among the locally selected executives quoted in the Amazon press release was Cedric Gouth, vice president of Mets Metropolis and mayor of Wybe, who opened a distribution company for Amazon in 2019, using the opportunity to use the opportunity to use this opportunity based on the direct feedback and indirect work of selected executives for the company. Its purpose “.

The site is Amazon’s eighth distribution center in France, with Charan near Orleans, Montalimer in Drom, Chevre near Salon-sur-sa near Nave, Lavin-Blanc near Lille, Bows near Amiens, and Boutique-sur-Orz in Ozone. About 60 people from political parties and associations and residents protested against the establishment in January 2020.

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