Risks of watching pirate football on the internet in streaming

Risks of watching pirate football on the internet in streaming

Initially, pirated websites generated revenue from all kinds of companies, and they are the best. However, anti-piracy associations are under increasing pressure not to advertise on these types of websites, and for this reason the revenue earned by those who run these websites has been declining in recent years.

92% of pirated websites offer malware

Almost all websites had to choose between two alternatives: they were closed, or they started displaying ads with questionable or dangerous content. Many people choose this second option because the operators of these websites are often not interested in whether their users are affected by malware.

Now, let’s put a statistic on the number of websites that show up Malicious content In order Make money Thanks for the review from Cyber ​​Security Webroot, Which has analyzed websites that allow you to watch matches Spanish football, Germany, Italy or the United Kingdom. In this study they revealed that 92% Websites that provide streaming Illegal contained some kind of malicious content, which is the best pay.

Interestingly, of the websites analyzed, they are the only ones Accessed through social networksExperienced hackers are very careful and can better protect themselves against this type of content and access “trusted” websites that do not display these ads.

Theft of data or fake websites is very common

“Threats” include Fake ads, Like the rich with the bitcoin they ask for Bank data. We also see ads and websites that link directly to websites Fake news With celebrities or politicians from the user’s country based on IP address.

There are numerous scams on mobile phones, in addition to the monthly subscriptions for some apps, which will have to be used consistently for figures ranging from 2.50 to 140 euros. Many of these malware are displayed Fake ads It warns us that we have been infected by an antivirus scan, which triggers the download of an antivirus virus that is malicious.

So, just as it is important never to give out personal or bank details when accessing these websites, it becomes clear that you do not need to install trusted applications. You do not need to download the files that appear, if one is downloaded automatically, you must delete it immediately (something that Chrome has blocked by default for many years).

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