Comparison between 32 and 64 bits and their main differences

Comparison between 32 and 64 bits and their main differences

What a bit

Within computing, connectors talk about bits as if nothing had happened. Most processes and concepts are related to this period. The Bits They revolve around the DNA and everything in the computing world. about this Minimum unit of information It can have two values, 0 Oh 1. This determines whether the language of the computer is binary.

Therefore, in order to establish communication through any computer system, we need to convert our letters and numbers to zeros and their combinations.

Bits are grouped into 8 groups to form a byte. These groups, in addition to establishing communications, represent the size of records that move data into a program or unit. May be processors and operating systems 32 (8 × 4) Oh 64 bits (8 × 8).


So, in a processor, the number of bits we can establish different limits such as accessible memory or processing speed.

The first processor 32 bits Annual dates 1986. For their part, that 64 Began to appear over the years 90. For more than a decade now, almost all computer processors have been made 64-bit. About that Skills, 64-bit processors are new.

We can say that the processor is the most important unit in a computer. It is responsible for processing and understanding all stored information. In addition, it determines at what speed our device is running.

Before establishing the key differences between the two and determining the need for one over the other, we need to know a few things Key Features And significant data for each type of processor.

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32-bit: Features

  • The configuration of a processor is made to read a certain number of data units. In this case, the CPU can operate with a maximum of 32 data bits at a time (8 × 4).
  • 32-bit operating systems have used Windows 95 since its inception.
  • 32 bit processor supports max 4 GB RAM memory. Depending on the processor, a program can be expanded up to 64GB.
  • 32 bit processor executable values ​​range from 0 to 4,294,967,295.

64-bit: Features

This type of technology is new and excels in performance, safety or speed. Before deciding on this, we will describe some of the problems inherent in 64-bit processors.

  • In this case, your configuration contains up to 64 data units at a time.
  • 64 bit processors were previously used in supercomputers. 10 years ago they started to be introduced massively on regular PCs.
  • They are tolerable 192 GB, More than 64-bit processors.


After listing some features, we can also highlight some differences between the two types of processors.

  • 32-bit cheaper and Consuming less resources. Logically, they are less powerful. Quickly speaking, a 64-bit processor can handle more data at once.
  • This is the primary key. The 32-bit accepts a maximum of 4GB of RAM, the latter being too much. Additionally, it can run 64-to-32-bit CPU functions.
  • Computation on 64 is very fast, and if we have software according to this framework the development of processes will be very efficient.
  • In the case of the phone Mobile Phones, 64-bit processors also have better battery management capabilities.
  • The Security This is another aspect that needs to be taken into account. 64-bit processors have advanced security options. For example, device drivers must be digitally signed. This will greatly reduce the risk of driver related infections.
  • Some of these security features are not 32-bit, so they are a disadvantage here as well.
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Operating system

As we have repeatedly emphasized, in theory, a 64-bit processor is clearly superior to a 32-bit one, but in reality things are changing. Differences are useful as long as the software takes advantage of its advantages.

If our mobile phone or computer has a processor 64 bits, The operating system should be the same. Otherwise, their functions and jobs will not be fully squeezed. With a 100% compatible operating system and processor, we can make a real leap in power.

Note that a 64-bit processor can work with a 32-bit operating system. For example, in the case of Windows 10, both versions are available. You can check yourself Options You are using from your computer.

Programs and applications

Other programs and applications that you install and run on your computer should be analyzed. Similarly, if you have x64, there is no point in installing 32-bit applications. This is not possible in all cases, but more and more software is making its best version available to users.

Determined Video game Oh High performance design and editing programs, Have already been developed to make full use of your memory capabilities. They are the ones who make the best use of it 64 bits.

What to choose

Here, the Application Y Requirements Each user plays a basic role. We have listed the advantages of one type of processor over another, as well as the problems that can arise if we are unable to integrate CPU and software.

In general, it is always said that 32-bit usage is sufficient Domestic use. If you do not use high performance programs or new RAM consuming software, you may find the solution. Do not rush too much, there is always time to change. We can not forget that 32-bit versions of the software are more common and numerous, although they are not in use for a little while.

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However, it should be taken into account that there are more and more applications New version x64. Taking into account that a processor can run a 32 bit program 64 bits, The final choice seems clear.

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