Where can you go by train from Belgrade, where can you board

Where can you go by train from Belgrade, where can you board

If you want to remember the past during the Easter holidays and want to treat your family to an antique experience traveling by train, here are some guidelines for organizing.

The purpose of building the old railway station at Chowski DRG has changed for many years now, with trains departing from two Belgrade stations – Belgrade Center (popularly Procop) and Topsider.

Prokop cellsPhoto: Snezana Krstic / RAS Serbia

Prokop cells

Trains on domestic transport depart from Procop and Topsider

From the Belgrade Center train station you can board if you want to go to Nice (5 departures per day), Warsaw (6 departures per day) or Ujjis (3 departures per day).

There are two departures a day for Voljevo and Brizepolje Teredna, and one for Labovo, i.e. Sonic.

From Dobsider, there are two trains a day, to Nice at 3.12pm, and the international evening train at 9.10pm.

International transport was partially halted due to the epidemic

In case of an epidemic, if you want to go abroad by train, Montenegro is at your disposal. You can take the train to the favorite Belgrade-Bar line for a summer vacation in Montenegro at Topsider Station.

Trains from Belgrade, via Shida, to Croatia and Slovenia are not currently operated.

For example, if you plan to spend this summer in Greece or Bulgaria – with or without vaccination, with or without a negative PCR test, you will not be able to go to sea by train this year because there are no trains scheduled to run to Thessaloniki and Sofia.

Train tracks through the city of Belgrade

For those who do not want to leave the city and want to feel more of the past, at least, there are lines of Belgrade City Railway BG Voss – Miladenovak, Lazarevok, Ovia, Badaznica, Jemun and Resnik running from the Belgrade Center station.

If you climb in Ovia, you can go to Belgrade Center, Lazarev, Badaznica, Resnik, Miladenovak and Jemun, while from Dona’s Well to Belgrade Center, Ovia, Badaznica and Jemun.

BG VoicePhoto: Matheja Beljan / RAS Serbia

BG Voice

Time machine for adventurers

A special attraction offered by the Serbian Railways are the trains of the “Nostalgia” project, which are operated according to a special rule on the Morga Cora-Shargan Vitaci route.

It is a tourist-museum railway, one of the most attractive in Europe, and is considered the only architectural masterpiece in the world on the short-gauge railway. For this pleasure, it is necessary to set aside 700 to 1,000 dinars per person, while children aged 6 to 14 pay half the ticket.

Museum-Tourist train "Nostalgia" Shargan on the eighthPhoto: M. Svetkovich / RAS Serbia

Museum-Tourist Train “Nostalgia” at Sharkanska Azmika

Where can we take the train?

However, due to work, passenger rail services currently operate between Belgrade – Novi Chad (high-speed railway construction), NIS – Jazzkar (Reconstruction and Modernization of Railways) and Jajinci – Mala Krsna, reconstruction and railway modernization, passenger rail via Belgrade and southern Serbia)

Your goal is to choose, cover with painted eggs, sandwiches and water bottles, wear masks and enjoy the ride and the holidays responsibly.

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