Nicolas Sarkozy convicted of corruption: France’s first president sent to prison | International

Nicolas Sarkozy convicted of corruption: France's first president sent to prison |  International

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy He was convicted of corruption and influence, and was initially sentenced to 3 years in prison on these charges.

A Paris court has ruled that there is a “corruption deal” between the 66-year-old president, his regular attorney, Thierry Herzog, and former magistrate Gilbert Acebert. Herzog was disqualified from the court and sentenced by the court to five years.

The verdict makes him the first former Elysee tenant to serve a prison sentence.

Sarkozy faces justice for trying to bribe Ajibert when he was a Supreme Court judge with Herzog.

According to the indictment, the former president sought to obtain information covered by professional secrecy and influenced activities that preceded the opening of higher jurisdiction. Bettencourt case, Discontinued at the end of 2013.

In return, he would have helped Acebert get a prestigious position he wanted in Monaco, although he never did.

The activities came to light in telephone conversations between Sarkozy and his lawyer in 2014, in which it was revealed that they had contacted Acebert, a member of the Supreme Court, to obtain information on another case that had been opened against the former president. Change from helping a magistrate to get a post in Monaco.

As a former president, this sentence includes the “specific attraction” of the crime committed by Sarkozy, who used “his position and relations” for his own personal benefit, which degrades a position that the Constitution gives you. The balancing power of justice.

In addition, the verdict collects that Sarkozy had to learn the implications of being a lawyer through training.

He was also very harsh against Herzog and Ajiebert, one of the most famous lawyers in Paris, accusing him of “discrediting a profession fundamental to democracy.”

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Who is the historical condemnation of Sarkozy You can appeal the sentence, Which comes two weeks before the opening of another process involving the former president, alleging irregularities in funding his campaign for the 2012 presidential election.

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