The world's largest aircraft builds its second test aircraft

The world’s largest aircraft builds its second test aircraft

The Plane The largest in the world On Thursday, April 29, it carried out its second test flight over the desert yesterday Mojave, California, USA.

He said this Stratolaunch, The company that produced it; The flight lasted approximately Three hours and 10 minutes.

S largest transport aircraft Stratolaunch, nicknamed “Rock” It has a double body design and supports the giant bird of Persian mythology. Approximately 230 tons of 28 wheels supporting its structure.

Their The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. The aircraft is 72 meters long and is powered by six turbines Allows to move loads up to a maximum of 590 tons, as seen on the Boeing 747.

Company Stratolaunch Founded by the deceased Billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft Corp Paul Allen in 2011, And sold out in late 2019 after Allen died.

That was the original focus of “Rock” Launch satellites Finally in human space, Stratolaunch says, for now its priority is the other vehicles of the company, the Dolon-A, The hypersonic vehicle will reach the Mac6 (six times the speed of sound), which will leave its melt to carry charges in Earth’s orbit..

Stratolaunch says it is also developing a reusable spacecraft “Black snow”. When Alan founded Stradollange, he compared himself Virgin Galactic del Multimillonario Richard Branson, Is developing such a high-altitude publishing system, Blue Appearance de Jeff Bezos Y SpaceX de Elon Musk.

Two years ago “Rock” operated its first aircraft; It was delivered in 2017, and a year later it made its first tests on the ground.

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