List. These departments, with an event rate exceeding 400, are the new warning threshold set by the authorities


If the number of cases starts to rise suddenly, the government will make an “emergency brake” device.

It is now official: Deconfinement will gradually begin in France from Monday, May 3rd. If the exact timetable for reopening is now established, it could be affected by a sudden re-opening of the infection.

This is why, according to our information, the authorities want to set up a system “Emergency Breaking”, All actions announced by Emmanuel Macron in the regional press this Thursday can be canceled.

Three criteria are set:

  • Incidence rate of more than 400 per 100,000 population
  • A sudden increase in this rate
  • Intensive care units will be completed soon

Map of more than 400 sectors with event rates

So we have listed the sectors above this new warning threshold set by the government. Currently there are 8: Paches-du-Ron, Ois, Paris, Sean-et-Marne, Ezone, Sean-Saint-Denis, Wall-de-Marne and Wall-de-Ois. The diagram below is light pink, indicating the fields closest to the warning threshold.

Note that this phenomenon is declining in most sectors, including those above 400. As for revitalization services, they are currently saturated or close to enrichment. As of Thursday, April 29, more than 5,800 people were in intensive care in France.

Louis Tonga PFMTV Reporter

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