Ladies Game Season 2: Anya Taylor-Joy is ready for it!

Ladies Game Season 2: Anya Taylor-Joy is ready for it!

The second season for “Lu Ji de la Tame”? If many fans believe so, actress Anya Taylor-Joy is ready for it too. In an interview with the American edition of the magazine “ID”The 25-year-old says he will not oppose playing Beth Hormone in the new episodes. “It’s funny to me that there will never be a second season,” she said before imagining what her character’s life would be like. “I hope she starts doing things for her own pleasure. I want to take Beth Penny and spend time with him in Russia, the two of them want to be intellectuals together and I hope she has a bowie phase. ”

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But if Anya Taylor-Joy says she’s ready to take over Beth Hormone’s active square, Netflix should still give the green light. In fact, “Ladies Game” was considered a mini-series with a limited number of episodes. Also, after the success of this project, the American company was very clear with its subscribers: Season 2 will not be. “Mini-Series (NF): A series with only one season of history. It was not intended to have others,” reads on Twitter. Did not write.

But to reassure fans, Beth Harmon did not say his last word. If the young chess protagonist does not return to the streaming site in the second eruption of episodes, he should soon shine on the boards of Broadway. Because, a music is going to see daylight.

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Anya Taylor-Joy almost never starred in “The Ladies Game”

But what would the miniseries have been without the talented Anya Taylor-Joy? In the same interview, the actress says she has never played in “The Game of the Lady”. In fact, in the set of the film “Emma” – an adaptation of Jane Austen’s book – the actress is going through a difficult period and plans to put her life on hold. “In 2019, I was scared to break everything, Mia [Goth] I’m coming back from rehearsal. I turned to her and said, “I think I’m going to stop playing. I do not think I can do that (…) I think I should step back, go and take care of my heart. ”Fortunately, his athlete was able to stop him. Anya Taylor-Joy finished filming Atom de Wilde and later thanked the Netflix series for the success. Pew.

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