Deep sea squid you have never seen

Deep sea squid you have never seen

Caring for deep-sea animals is a real technological challenge. Is good Submerged in unmanned water Or automated craft operated from the surface, but these solutions are only for observing the most obvious predators. fish type. Edith Widder’s team of marine biologist Ocean Research and Conservation Association Has developed a camera with the lowest shooting capability in Florida Light And equipped with sensors bioluminescents It follows the charms worn by some Pisces Abyss. Ambition? Movie live squid, and especially the famous giant squid “Cragan”!

Pictures taken Published by Science Journal Deep Sea Research. The camera sank in the fertile waters of the Gulf of Mexico and first Species His goal has been surpassed Promagodotis Sloane. It is a species in which we have only three dead specimens, the habit of which is completely unknown! Scientists may have images of another species closely related, Promachodotis adami.

Thanks to their sophisticated camera, the scientists were able to make a film Promagodotis Sloane Alive, a cephalopod is none of these.

Finally, during its last sinking, in June 2019, the camera captured some images Giant squid, Architect Ducks, At a depth of 759 meters. The Cephalopod Before disappearing, it goes first to the left of the image, like a ghost in the dark. Eventually it reappears and its long tents interact with glowing charm! Scientists estimate that an unusual encounter with a giant, whose arms measure 1.68 meters.

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