History of Serbian Scientists: The 1958 book “Vinca” Accident by Physicists

The six Serbian scientists who worked at the company at the time were exposed to a large amount of radiation, which is why they had to go to France for treatment the next day.

They never even dreamed that they would go down in history at the Paris Clinic because they will be undergoing human bone marrow transplant surgery for the first time. One of them and the only witness to the accident, Radozko Maxik (1933), described his experiences from a French hospital in the book “Diary from Giri Hospital”, which was recently published by the “Creative Center”.

– There are a number of motives for publishing this diary after such a long time, and above all, to keep in one place how the participants of the event personally experienced everything from the moment of the accident to the end of treatment in the “Giri” hospital, which was the best institution for the maintenance of radioactive persons – Katrina Trajkovic Govin in the preface to the book Says.

The radiologists made an uncertain trip to the city of light because their only chance of survival was at the “Giri” clinic. He is the author of the book Radozko Maxik, the world’s first patient to have a successful bone marrow transplant, which is why he will always be remembered in world medical history.

Memory plate

In October 2018, a memorial plaque was erected at the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Science, thanking and commemorating the French citizens who donated bone marrow to five Serbian researchers, Dr. Georges Medio and the hospital team who did this for the first time. Time. Function.

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