WhatsApp threatens its users about its D&C

WhatsApp threatens its users about its D&C

Users who do not sign the new Terms of Service by May 15 will no longer be able to use WhatsApp. To convince them, WhatsApp is constantly sending notifications to the concerned smartphones.

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Within a month, WhatsApp users should comply For the new WhatsApp Terms of Use Under the penalty of losing access to their account. With the hope of finally succeeding in reviewing the merits of this update, the company launches a large-scale information campaign. According to WABetaInfo, many users have recently received notifications urging them to accept these new D&Cs as soon as possible. In small print, we can read “These terms will apply from May 15, 2021. Please accept them so that you can continue to use WhatsApp after this date.” After this deadline, users who refuse to comply will no longer have access to certain essential features such as the ability to send and receive messages. However, they can still receive calls.

But what does it change?

With news releases and social media posts, Facebook is reminiscent Changes coming into effect from May 15. Criticized, this update aims to facilitate transactions between users and companies. Using Facebook’s tools, especially their servers, the latter are provided by Mark Zuckerberg’s company Access to conversations between clients and experts. They will then be used to advertise on the group’s various applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook. To Personal conversations, on the other hand, change nothing. They will be encrypted from end to end No one can read them except the two narrators. No access to Facebook and WhatsApp.

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New import function

Aside from this seductive campaign, WhatsApp is improving the user experience with new features. According to information fromUberquismo, The company was working Opportunity to import conversations when switching phones For example. Until now, the encryption nature of transactions has prevented WhatsApp from delivering One such port is between iOS and Android (And vice versa). If the activity does not want to start in the coming weeks, it is a way for the company to prepare The arrival of its multi-device functionality. He plans to allow the same account to be used on different terminals, no longer on his computer, in the guise of being handy.

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