The largest firefighter can land and sell – Oyster-France evening edition

The largest firefighter can land and sell - Oyster-France evening edition

Written by Nicholas Hassan-For

The Boeing 747-400 Super Tanker is the world’s largest firefighter. This device has been used on many occasions in recent years to extinguish catastrophic fires in Western America. But today it has a foundation and can be sold. Its owners consider its travels very lucrative.

The plane approaches the ground and emits an enormous amount of bloom of an object aimed at slowing the progress of the fire. This scene has been repeated in recent years in Western America. This Boeing 747-400, a large aircraft fully modified against fires, withstands repeated fires that devastate the state of California in summer and autumn. Called the Super Tanker, it is the world’s largest water bomber.

Only here: Today, the American TV channel reported that the device hit the ground CNN Wednesday April 28, 2021. And he can stop his firefighting missions. The reason? Its owners believe that these measures are very profitable.

In California, the fire could be even more intense this year. The result, in particular, is in times of drought and below normal rainfall.

From California to Bolivia

Already last year, the fire in California was particularly devastating. Authorities have identified more than 9,900 different firesIt destroyed more than 1.7 million hectares. 33 people were killed and more than 10,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Supertanker fights fire in Bolivia in August 2019 (Photo: SDR / AFP)

In this context, the Boeing 747 flew 119 times in the state of California alone last year, with fires or setbacks in areas where there was no fire, the company pointed out. Associated Press. In the United States, it was mainly used in the western part of the country. He also traveled to Israel or Chile. Also in 2019 the plane was sent to Bolivia.

Converted to cargo plane?

The aircraft is owned by an American company called Global Super Tanker Services, which is sent to fight fires on a low budget. The company has signed agreements with U.S. federal and California state officials. Global Super Tanker Services is owned by US investment firm Alderna Capital Partners.

Last September, a Boeing fire broke out in Angwin, California. (Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP)

The company has invested “Tens of thousands of dollars” On the device, Roger Miller, CEO of Alternar Capital Partners at the Associated Press. Considering these sums, the firefighting operations carried out by the aircraft “Not making enough profit” In recent years, he explains.Besides, you need to know more about this.

So on April 19 the company decided to nail Boeing to the ground. Now the device can be sold. According to Roger Miller, some potential buyers have come forward. Some of them want to buy it in order to turn the plane into a cargo plane, which has to carry supplies.

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