He filmed a cat going crazy over a fish: not everyone can do it

He filmed a cat going crazy over a fish: not everyone can do it

It’s no secret that cats love fish for their intense smell, a fish floating in a full bucket of water is every cat’s dream. True, not every marmot can pull such fish out of the bucket with its paws.

The video shows a cat stubbornly catching a fish in the water with its paws, until it finally pulls out on the grass and starts a feast.

The final phase of VideoSHOTo

The TV3 team project videoshot, which started in early March, is in a good mood, ending. Images of extraordinary everyday life bribed the hearts of many, and voters wondered which 21 films could win the status of winners.

The main prize for the winner – the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone. This will allow you to capture both Cinema 8K videos and incredible photos at the same time. Also in high-end portrait mode, you can take photos equivalent to a photo studio. The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will meet all expectations with the Galaxy, strong glass, 5G and battery throughout the day. Knox Security Platform offers high quality phone security and additional protection for personal data.

Choose the lucky one who is already on May 2nd. Winning the name of the winner, you can do here – https://www.tv3.lt/videoshotas

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