Biden’s first address to Congress: minute by minute

Biden's first address to Congress: minute by minute

Republican Senator Biden responded to the speech by saying he was dividing the country

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was responsible for giving Republicans the response to President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress. Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, criticized the president, arguing that he had not kept his promises.

“President Biden promised them a certain kind of leadership. He promised that no matter how we vote, we will unite a nation and rule with fewer spirits, all Americans,” Scott said in his comments.

“Our nation is starving more than empty hatreds,” he said. We need policies and developments that bring us closer to us. But three months later, the actions of the president and his party are increasingly dividing us, ”he added.

Tim Scott: Biden divides the United States 2:37

The senator also discussed the racial progress made by the United States, arguing that it was “not a racist country.”

“When the United States joins, we have made tremendous progress, but the powerful forces want to divide us,” Scott said. “One hundred years ago, children in the classroom were taught that their skin color was their most important attribute. If they looked in a certain way, they were inferior,” he continued.

“Today, the color of children’s skin defines them again, and if they look at it in a certain way, they are an oppressor. They know it’s wrong. Make me clear, America is not a racist country, “he added.

Scott was chosen by his party leader to provide his answer, which provided an important national platform for talks with the country and the opportunity to draw a line between the Republican Party and Biden’s agenda.

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