When can a vaccinated person stop wearing a mask?

When can a vaccinated person stop wearing a mask?

According to the updated guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, full vaccinated people can go outside without masks.

The instructions come at a time when more than 29 million people in the United States have received all doses, and more than 42 million are expected to join the list to receive a second dose soon, according to the U.S. “Axios” website.

The U.S. government has so far allowed 15 governors to remove government restrictions on people wearing masks in public places, and several cities and local jurisdictions have begun to increase the capacity of restaurants and companies.

These guidelines apply to whole vaccinated individuals who have passed the second dose of the “Pfizer” or “Moderna” vaccine, or those who have been classified by health officials as “two weeks after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson. “Vaccine.

The company explained that these individuals may own outdoor physical activities or drop masks when their family members are practicing walking, running, hiking or cycling.

When attending a small outdoor meeting, with fully vaccinated individuals or with a combination of unvaccinated and unmixed individuals, while dining at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple families.

Current inland travel and inland travel guidelines apply to these groups. The agency said it was difficult to assess the risk of serious infection for everyone from “Govt 19” in public places, and asked that vaccinated individuals wear masks under specific circumstances.

These include live events, parades or sporting events, closed outdoor events such as a hair salon or cinema, crowded outdoor events such as attending a full-fledged service at a place of worship, singing or visiting a choir in a closed space. Crowded shopping mall or indoor museum.

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