Tango pictures

Tango pictures

Take us in the enchanting footsteps of Carlos Cartel, Piazsola, Fernando Solanas, Robert Dowell, Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez Tango.

It tunes in to some Phip movies like this and invites listeners to browse through the musical imagination of a filmmaker, genre or soundtrack composer.. Produced by Denise Saula and set to music by Florent Beauvallet by Susanna Boweda.

Tango was born on the shores of La Plata in the late 19th century and on the famous suburb of Buenos Aires, welcoming immigrants in full boats who came to try their luck in Argentina, wanting to ensure its economic growth.. It is a dance between men, snatching and lacking. It took a little bit of form, mixing Cuban habanera, African candlelight, gypsy dance and Italian song..

Carlos Cartel, nicknamed El Sorcere Griello, captured the soul of Argentina and democratized tango in Latin America and Europe. He starred in two silent films in 1916 and 1918 and about fifteen short filmsSound scenes between 1930 and 1931, including one song each.

Picture Tango Produced by Louis Moglia Barth in 1933, Titta Merrell, Libertad Lamarck, Mercedes Simone, Asusena Myzani, Alberto Gomez, musicians Ernesto Ponzio, Juan de Dios Fliberto, Juan de Ariadne,.

Rex Ingram in the United States, Charlie Chaplin, Billy Wilder, Robert Dowell, Sally Potter, Eisenstein or Mikhalkov in Russia, Max Linder, JeanDaniel Pollet, Stephen Pris, Patrice Legomte in France, Bertolucci in Italy or Carlos Sura in Spain.

According to Aster Piazolla, the father of modern tango, he leaves out a great work that transcends genres, and film music is its own function.. It is raining in Santiago (1975) The main themes of the film are by Helvio Choto’s firm filmmaker Light Written by Jean Morey, he recorded in Italy in 1975, Deportation Issued by Cordell (Cardo’s Exiled Tango In 1984), Wonderful Surely (1988) Fernando Solanas or his famous play Oblivion Written in 1984 for the film Henry IV, Crazy King With Italian director Marco Belloccio, Marcello Mastroyani and Claudia Cardinal:

“Tango Argentina has the best character of reality. Like any other genus, it spreads this mood of cockroach, rage and humor, yet with so much pain control. “. Sal Yurkiswich Poets of Tango

In Argentine cinema, if tango reflects a people’s identity, it often seems to be reduced to an expression of bad eroticism, especially in American cinema.. In Never say never again (Never again), Irwin Kerschner, Sean Connery signs his latest statement on the role of secret agent James Bond 007. In this scene, he dances a tango with Kim Basinger to the music of Michael Legrand:

In romantic humor Can we play? Directed by Peter Chelsea, Jennifer Lopez and Richard Carey (Intensive trainees), Dance to the topic Santa Maria Of the group Cotton Project, Which dusted off the world of ballroom dancing during a bad tango:

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