Nose Things Social Media Doja Gate Nemtrop Blows Out of Proportion

Nose Things Social Media Doja Gate Nemtrop Blows Out of Proportion

Earlier this year, Nass appeared to be shadowing Doja in his song ‘Ultra Black’, followed by ‘We Are Going’ Ultra Black, indefinitely black / Michael Blockson black as opposed to Doja Cat.

In Again addressed in his shadow Doja cat In the song “Ultra Black” from his album “King’s Disease”. The rapper, who had previously said that the “Che Cho” hitmaker had no hard feelings, said in a new interview that social media should be blamed for the tension between him and the singer.

“Well, I’m away, so I’m mentioning the name of a celebrity, people are going to talk about it,” Nass told NME on Tuesday, November 3, referring to a song he released in August. “I ‘ve heard people always do this, but no one understands it much. Maybe it’s because I do not publish much of the recordings, so they say’ Aw! ‘ ”

He explained, “I don’t know the world where these stars live anymore. I rap like I did when I was in the block, but now there’s a new world. I can take away what I can do about it with social media.”

In that song, Nass made a perfect fuss after rapping, “We are Ultra Black, the opposite of the incredible black / Doja cat Michael Blockson is black.” He yelled “Moo!” It made fans think that mentions that. The rapper’s past controversy after the release of a video showing him joining a group chat full of white supremacists.

Doja, meanwhile, previously said he could not care less about Disney, noting that he respects him as an artist who grew up. “I don’t know, he’s still happy to release music, ‘I love him,” he explained. Fat Joe In a virtual interview, she was asked how she felt about being addressed by one of her favorite rappers. “I grew up on the nose, to hear it, I was like ‘Damn’, but, ‘Damn!’ I love Naz, thank God he took care of me. ”

“I made a joke about it, but other than that you wouldn’t see me beefing up with Nass,” he continued. “He might want to make beef with me, but you’re not going to see me beef with Nass. You won’t see me respond.”

Nass had a similar feeling in his previous interview. When it appeared on “Power 106” in Los Angeles in August, I’m actually saying a rhyme that sounds like “Ultra Black”. “I didn’t think about it. It’s all about love. It was like ‘Michael Blockson black’ … It’s bars, it’s lines. We’re playing with words.”

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