Proposal: For the best vehicles parked in designated areas for electric vehicles

Proposal: For the best vehicles parked in designated areas for electric vehicles

In light of the fact that non-electric vehicles prevent electric vehicles from being parked, some of them have charging stations, said Yuval, CEO of Gravo Utility, addressing Sarah Miri Rege: “Stop vehicles to charge electric vehicles and fines non-electric vehicles that use these parking lots.”

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The number of electric vehicles on the country’s roads is increasing, with hundreds of vehicle owners switching to driving electric vehicles every month. As the number of vehicles has increased, so has the number of public and private parking spaces for electric vehicles, some of which are provided at toll booths and sometimes free of charge. But these parking lots are not marked, so they are often caught by drivers of vehicles that are running on fuel or gas.

Yuval, CEO of Gravo Utility, sent a letter to Transport and Road Safety Minister Miri Rege this morning proposing to mark parking lots for electric vehicles in green and to impose fines on designated non-electric vehicle owners. Parking lots for electric vehicles.

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Yuval: “Electric vehicles are no longer an interest, their use is increasing and we are happy that the level of air pollution is decreasing. In order to encourage the use of electric vehicles, we have called on the Ministry of Transport to mark designated parking lots in green, which is a distinctive sign that allows electric vehicle owners to park their vehicles in a customized parking lot and charge for vehicles. Parking space. It seems to me that this is a service that has done its part to promote the use of electric vehicles to zero in the country and at the same time significantly protect the environment.

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I hope the Minister will accept this proposal and will soon be able to find designated parking spaces for green vehicles throughout the cities. ”

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