Netflix: 2 movies and series to watch happily on Monday evening

Netflix: 2 movies and series to watch happily on Monday evening

Netflix: 2 movies and series to watch happily on Monday evening

Since there is no shortage of recommended movies and series on Netflix, CNED France is pleased to provide you with the best guidance on SVOD service.

This time, let’s talk Talented Mr. Ripley And Luther, Two good projects Streaming By subscription.

What movies and series to watch or watch again on Netflix tonight?

One film ended well: the talented Mr. Ripley

Summary of the film

In the 1950s, young Tom Ripley was hired by Herbert Greenleaf, the wealthy American president. His work? Bring Dicky, Herbert’s frivolous and costly son, back to America. Upon arrival in Italy, he befriends Tom Tiki and his fiance Marge.

He allows himself to be immersed in a world of luxury, inactivity and pettiness. Until Tiki Tom gets tired …

In our opinion

The Italian beach gets the air of paradise Talented Mr. Ripley, American adaptation of the book Monsieur Ripley Presented by Patricia Heismith. Sunny scenery, boat rides, evening at jazz clubs The first part of the film depicts the real postcard system. But quickly, La Dolce Vita took a bad turn and was nothing but lies and manipulations.

It’s thrilling to see young Tom Ripley’s obsession with a beautiful and horrible Tiki Greenleaf. Talented Mr. Ripley Patricia Highsmith is not the first film to immerse us in the world. In 1960, Blaine Soleil, directed by Rene Clement, had already done this work in a lead role with Alain Delon.

Exit, put the Frenchman and a young Matt Damon in very good shape. On his side, the best actors: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Philip Seymour Hoffman or Cate Blanchett. The anticipation for this film was high, and then Anthony Mingella made his debut English patient, His Oscar-winning winner.

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The director was not disappointed with a film with an almost Hitchcockian atmosphere. The sluggishness of the action (Figure 2 lasts up to 15 hours) allows time for the characters to land on their heads and Talented Mr. Ripley An effective and addictive psychological thriller.

  • Check out the trailer for the feature film:

A Good Detective Series: Luther

Summary of the series

John Luther was a zealous policeman. His intense involvement in the work, elevated by his good results, disconnected him from any reality and normal social relationship. His anger is as angry as his desire to cover up the perpetrators.

Except at times, this stormy nature leads him to the limits of morality and motivates him to make more than questionable choices …

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Luther It is one of those series that gets strong support from its fan community. He has been pushing for months to fulfill the promise of a TV movie announced by lead actor Idris Elba and creator Neil Cross.

She connects a little Sherlock : British, consisting of more than two to six episodes per hour, depending on the season (five in number), with a leading actor bursting the screen internationally. I have to say that Idris Elba, who imposes like Benedict Cumberbatch, is also interesting.

This series, compiled in Dramatic Record, is a tragedy, thriller, Thriller, And intimate play, is not a simple detective series. Luther Push parallel with Sherlock Holmes, Especially thanks to the resemblance his hero develops with the famous detective.

What changes, however, is that it is more violent and green: it is located in a gray London, in a chaotic society and a frustrated police station, where the characters are constantly abused and struggle to survive despite the fact that they have to compromise.

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The gallery of his protagonists (especially Alice) is as terrifying as they are spectacular, and no chapter will leave you indifferent as the encounter between the many characters is intense. Luther The strongest series we can recommend without hesitation.

  • Video preview of the series is here:

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