Le Français Florian Zeller et le Danois Thomas Vinterberg primés aux Oscars

French Florian Zeller and Dan Thomas Winterberg win Oscars

French writer Florian Zeller was honored at the Oscars on Sunday for his screenplay for his debut film “The Father”, while Dan Thomas Winterberg won the award for Best Foreign Language Film with “Trunk”.

The most-attended festival in Hollywood this year welcomes competing stars at a historic train station in central Los Angeles, many of whom walked the red carpet for the first time since the outbreak began.

Thomas Winterberg, director of “Trunk”, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for his dark comedy, in which four friends experimented with semi-scientific drunkenness. It was from Paris, that the Oscars planned an exclusive site, and Florian Zeller received his gold statue via a satellite connection.

The most played French writer in the world on this occasion “wrote this screenplay for Anthony Hopkins”, describing him as “the best career actor” and who is running for the Oscars.

His first film, “The Father,” based on his play, is also a candidate following the elderly man ‘s immersion in dementia.

But it is “Nomadland”, a road film, social drama and documentary about older Americans living on the roads that lost everything in the “subprime” crisis and is considered the most favorite for the award. “Supreme for Best Picture”.

The other five Oscars go to Chloe Zhao’s, who was delighted to see Hollywood’s Grottin after a long imprisonment. “It’s great to be able to meet your colleagues and celebrate the event in person,” the Chinese-born director said shortly before the ceremony.

The first candidates to appear on the Red Carpet this year shared this enthusiasm, reducing it to its simplest form in order to respect health rules and social distance.

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“Today is my first time trying. I’m not been to a big city for more than a year,” he promised, with a smile shining like his blue dress, to Glenn Klose, the person to rare journalists who agreed to follow this 93rd edition. The 74-year-old star is still waiting for the Oscars and has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress, her eighth nomination overall.

Not even Hollywood moguls like Bob Iger, the omnipotent boss of Disney, the world’s number one entertainment company, were invited to the event.

– Hollywood Favorite –

The “Nomlandland” final awards season dominated the head and shoulders, and Chloe Zhao was a huge favorite for Hollywood. She is the second woman in Oscar history and the first non-white woman to win the “Best Director” award.

The first Oscar of the evening went to the original screenplay, Emerald Fennell for her film “Promising Young Woman”, a feminist thriller inspired by the #MeToo movement, “The Chicago Seven” recaps the big demonstrations and police of 1968. Repression, many tragic episodes.

Favorite in his category was 32-year-old British Daniel Calua, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Judas and the Black Messiah.” He plays Fred Hampton, the charismatic leader of the Black Panthers fighting for the civil rights of black Americans. “It’s hard to make a film about a man like this, but they did it,” he said after receiving his award.

The Oscar race for other types of actors is not yet clear, the list is not yet in sight: four awards could go to actors of color, after years of controversy over the Academy of Oscar system, the community as a whole was considered to reflect white and male.

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Oscar winner Francis McDormand, who guides almost all amateur actors of modern “Nomadland” trekkers, is running again. But five contestants, including Viola Davis (“The Blues of Ma Rainey”) and Gary Mulligan (“Promise for the Young Woman”), have won major awards for their work.

– Posthumous Oscar? –

Chadwick Bosman, the on-screen partner of Viola Davis, who died of cancer last summer, is expected to win the category before the trumpet-playing film, which was hunted down by racist atrocities, comes out.

But a member of the Oscar Academy anonymously assessed that a “surprise” was possible from “Anthony Hopkins’ ambush”.

Organizers have insisted that stars, including Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, must wear spectacular costumes and be allowed to remove masks while they are on screen.

“As more than 200 candidates competed, people were vaccinated, tested, re-examined, subjected to physical distance, and complied with all the strict rules that allowed us to go back to work,” explained Kala, the first presenter of the film, and Regina King, the evening’s actress and director.

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