Viral video: After midnight, the woman was heartbroken to see the scene recorded on the CCTV camera in front of the house ..!

A woman sets up a security camera in front of her house. Explore the CCTV footage as much as possible. Once a week, I watch every video regularly. Looking at it, the woman saw a shocking scene. The woman was trembling in her back when she saw the scene recorded on a CCTV camera at about 3 hours and 40 minutes in the morning. So what’s in that video? Those CCTV footage are the original story. A woman named Ryan lives in the state of Florida in the United States. Everyone knows what the security situation is in the United States. In most homes, security cameras are installed in front of the house. There are also specialized agencies to monitor these.

Ryan, who lives in Florida, occasionally watches videos recorded on CCTV in front of his house. I recently started watching those videos over a weekend. On the morning of April 15, just after midnight on April 14, a shocking scene was seen on a security camera in front of his house. In the video, an animal is seen fast. She thought it was a baby dinosaur. He cut the video clip and posted it on his Twitter account. Netizens are getting tired of this video. Comment on their views.

Some people think it is a bird, not a dog, but some other animal. Others suggest it is not a dinosaur. But she is adamant that it is a dinosaur. Watch that video for yourself.

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